Many days later, severe injuries sustained in an accident leave you with lifelong disabilities. Zoe Sozo BethelIt has been taken away. 

The former model and Right Side Broadcasting Network reporter, who was crowned Miss Alabama for America Strong in 2021, died on Feb. 18 “after succumbing to her injuries,” her family confirmed on Instagram. She was 27.

While few details about the accident have been made public, Zoe was living and working in Miami at the time of her death. CelebHomes News reached out to the authorities in an effort to get more information.

Zoe’s loved ones took to social media to request prayers after the accident. “Zoe had an accident Thursday night, February 10th, & sustained severe damage to her brain/brainstem & is in a coma,” the Instagram message read. “Unfortunately the doctors are saying the damage cannot be repaired & that she may not have much time left.”

We are asking God to do His will, no matter what it may be,” continued the post. “This has been an abrupt & very traumatizing situation for our family, & we can imagine how much of a shock this will also be to everyone who knows & cares for her.”