Miriam MargolyesShe doesn’t look back on the people she worked with. Arnold Schwarzenegger fondly. 

In a new interview, Margolyes got candid about her feelings towards the ​actor, who she ​worked with on the movie Day End. Margolyes said she believes he’s “a bit too full of himself,” and claimed he “deliberately” farted in her face on the set of the 1999 film. 

I didn’t love him. Margolyes stated that he is too self-centered and that he doesn’t love him. I Have News for You podcast.  The description of TerminatorThe star is “actually quite rude,”Age of Innocence star recounted the alleged farting incident.​

She replied, “He farted on my face.” “Now, I fart. However, I do not fart in the faces of people. “He did it intentionally in my face.