In the past two decades, this has been going on for more than 20 years. Minnie DriverAnd Matt Damon split, but the actress still remembers the attention around their relationship like it was yesterday.

Driver, 52 years old, reflected back on the time they shared while discussing her latest book. Managing Expectations: A Memoir in EssaysIn an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

They began to date after becoming lovers during the 1997 film. Good Will Hunting. And while it seems like Damon, now 51, got her family’s stamp of approval, Driver suggested her loved ones worried about the level of public scrutiny around their romance. 

Matt was loved by my family. When asked by Damon if Damon and she had moved too fast, she replied that it wasn’t so. It was because they saw that Damon was moving very fast, and that they were able to see it. And when you’re young, it’s pretty hard to keep your head on straight and to maintain a grounded sense of deportment. They were like, ‘This may well end badly for reasons that are to do with all these things coming together in a perfect storm.'”