Minka KellyHer latest post on social media is raising eyebrows.

On Aug. 8, the actress shared a glimpse of the iconic beauty look she rocked back in the ‘90s. As she reminisced about a reunion with her high school best friend, AngelMinka shared a video montege to Instagram, featuring several photos from their teenage years.

In the stylish throwback snaps, Minka and Angel—who hadn’t seen each other in 10 years—are seen sporting dark, pin-thin, highly arched eyebrows, which were a signature beauty trend of the decade.

The caption to her video reads “It’s Obvs the First Pic for Me.” She was referring back to a photo from high school of two friends wearing similar crop tops with dark lipsticks and dramatic brows.

Minka, 42, previously talked how she used to experiment with different beauty looks growing up, admitting that her heavily tweezed eyebrows were definitely “a look.”