2 a.m.It’s over. Sorta. Mindy’s crew, which was able to get out of the house by midnight, is expected to report to Santa Monica Pier for setup. The rest of the crew will be arriving in the afternoon. There’s also Simon Huck’s Saturday wedding and reception to supervise.

Mindy is unable to move by the time she reaches her Sunday morning routine of visiting the flea market with her children and spends time with them. Something’s wrong. I feel so exhausted. I’m SoShe recalls being tired. She recalls, “And he says, “Yes. There’s something wrong with your body that makes you tired.

However, the exhaustion is well worth it as Paris’ official assessment rolls in: Paris Loves It.

Mindy said, “She wrote an amazing email.” I think she was delighted. Her fashion got her such positive responses, it was an amazing thing that showed another side to her. Although her job requires her to be alert and aware of all possible mishaps, she admits that it’s rewarding. “Very, Thank you, very.”