Bobby was later contacted by a neighbor who shared her telephone number. “I think she said, “Bitch! How do you not know me?” He laughed and recalled the incident.

The Charli in question? Charli, XCX.

She’s so big, it was cute! Bobby added. Bobby added, “And I literally listened to her music that morning in my workout playlist.”

The DM exchange is a wonderful story but it’s not Bobby’s most memorable. This honor goes to the pastor who was able to witness the exchange. Queer EyeEpisode in which Bobby opens up about his struggles with religion. “Expressing the hurt and pain, and me asking God to stop making me gay,” he said.

Bobby stated that Bobby’s message was “I realized being homosexual is not an option and, as pastor, I will never preach hatred in church again.”

Bobby said, “To this day, it’s my favourite DM I have ever gotten.”