It was worth every moment of their love.

Keep an eye out for This Is UsThe final and sixth season will begin tonight on Jan. 4. Milo Ventimiglia reflected on playing the Pearson patriarch alongside TV wife Mandy Moore. And, as he exclusively told CelebHomes News, he and Mandy are just as much a unit off-screen as they are on-screen. 

“I can remember telling her I wouldn’t be happy without you being happy.” he said. Mandy has always been a consistent theme with me, she and I just put so much into our lives. It’s so important to communicate.

Viewers were first introduced to the charming and grounded Jack Pearson and his loving wife, Rebecca, in the first episode of This Is Us, which debuted on Sept. 20, 2016, to some 10 million viewers. Soon, viewers transformed into This Is UsFans couldn’t be more in love with Jack and Rebecca’s marriage.

Milo shared that, despite the fact that viewers were falling in love with Jack & Rebecca on-screen he has become a massive Mandy lover off-screen.