CelebHomes: It’s not easy to be successful, but it’s something you have been doing for decades. What comes to your mind when you think about this?
C: Although I choose to become an artist, if you fail you are exposed before the whole world. It was something I chose to do. People don’t realize that I have failed almost as many times as I’ve succeeded. It’s just when you’re in failure mode, nobody is interested. You’re not even aware of your existence, and you then do something that makes them think, “Oh my God! My life has been pretty much the same ever since I was 4. I’ve never really reinvented myself.

CelebHomes That’s so funny that you think that because I feel like that concept of ‘reinvention’ and even the word itself is something that a lot of people associate with you.
C: Yes, it is silly. This is just ridiculous. Truthfully, it’s true. I have always been stubborn and funny since I was four years old. Just a bag was packed. When I got back to my house, it was getting dark. Tomorrow, I will go.

CelebHomes: What are some things women should keep in mind to stick to their goals?
C: If you are strong and can trust your instincts and be kind, then you will win half of the battle.

Kindness is a major virtue in life. I learned this from my mother and have continued to practice it as much as I can. My mom taught me so many things about kindness. My mom was very poor. She always showed us how much we were able to do. We were driving to somewhere with our sister, and we didn’t have money. The homeless man I saw was on the street is what I am talking to. My sister yells at me, “Jen, are we able to afford any money?” My sister responds, “Oh my god, you look just like your mom.” Then, my sister asked me, “Oh, my god, you look just like mom.” I responded, “Yeah.” My mom is my mother in many ways. Mom is still a kicker at the age of 95.