Earlier this month, the Florence by Mills founder opened up about being bullied online when she’s still discovering who she is.

According to her, it’s hard to be hated when you don’t yet know your identity. Allure in an interview published on Aug. 10. It was published on Aug. 10. “Cause they don’t understand who I am. It almost feels like “Okay. I will try to be this today.” [And then they say]You can say, “Oh, no, that is not what I want.” ‘Okay. You can forget about that. “I’m going try to be this today. ‘Oh, my God! It’s so disgusting when people do this to me. Then, you start to shut down and wonder “Who am I supposed to be?” “Who do they want me to be for?

Millie said that she began to realize that her limitations were temporary and that it helped her to see that there was no need for me to conform to what they told. It’s up to me to improve myself. This is what I did.

The teen’s audacious new haircut and fashion are further proof. Below, you can see her updated bob!