She is just Miley!

Miley CyrusIt is a reflection on this infamous clip. The “Prisoner”, singer, rang in her 11th year anniversary of the infamous bong scandal on Sunday, November 28. “11 years ago [smoke emoji]She wrote it on Instagram. Can we petition to have a national holiday?”

Next to the hilarious caption, the 29-year-old posted a screengrab from the video that went viral in 2010 of her smoking Salvia—five days after her 18th birthday. The video of her teenage self may be familiar to fans. It was released by TMZ. Hannah MontanaShe was staring inside her LA home when she said she was on a “bad journey” and pointed to a man who appeared similar to her ex-boyfriend. Liam Hemsworth.

The video backlash sparked strong reactions by her dad, who was also a well-known celebrity. Billy Ray CyrusThe moment is now something she can enjoy and laugh at, with an apology to her followers.