Miley CyrusThe older brother Trace CyrusFollowing a hard year, is on track to better health.

He shared side-by sides comparison photos with himself that were taken on August 17. The one showing him more physically fit was the better.

Trace said, “The photo on the left shows what I looked like towards the end of last years.” “I was mentally destroyed & it really affected my physical health. Here is my current picture. It is all about your mindset. Your mindset can either be your best friend or worst enemy. F–k motivation. Be dedicated!

Trace has been sharing his journey to better health on social media over the past few months. In May, after a two-month break from Instagram, he shared that he has “been super focused lately on my physical & mental health,” and was almost finished working on a new album.

Trace shared on Instagram his June experience, saying that he has “been doing lots more cardio and it’s actually beginning to be fun.” He later shared his thoughts on Instagram that he has been “going mad in the gym lately.”