Stephen CollettiHe is now clearing the air regarding the man that he was portrayed to be in his youth. Laguna Beach.

Stephen Kristin Cavallari have continued their mission to break down the secrets behind the iconic MTV series—and during the Aug. 16 episode of Dear Media’s Stephen and Kristin take you back to the BeachPodcast, 36-year old shared his dismay at being made to look like cheater by the editing.

Many fans will recall sitting on the edge their seats during the series’ love triangle with Stephen, Kristin, and others. Lauren ConradIt is the One Tree HillThe actor said that certain scenes had been edited out of context so it appeared as if he was cheating on Uncommon James founder.

Stephen told Kristin that he had a problem with the show because it revolved around a love triangle. Kristin said, “I was very upset about this.” They had heard about Lauren and me hooking up, and they were very close friends. But, no matter how many times we were together, I would never have stepped out on them in that manner.