Milania GiudiceIsn’t willing to forgive Oder forget.

Here’s a sneak preview of the episode on February 15, 2005 The Real Housewives of New Jersey, the 16-year-old chatted with sister Gia Giudice and mom Teresa Giudice about Gia’s recent argument with uncle Joe Gorga.

The two of them came to terms after Gia (21 years) confronted Joe over comments he made about her dad. Joe Giudice, when Teresa mentions the possibility of a pizza night with Joe and his wife Melissa GorgaMilania stated that she is “not going there.” 

Gia replies in the video, “Yes you are,” “There is no reason to not.”

Milania disagrees. She says, “Obviously, I am hurt over the incident,” before turning to her mother. “I cannot see him screaming at you as he spoke about my dad.

When she addresses Joe and Gia about their recent fight, she says, “Then, you told me all that happened.” As in, I’d have flipped out.”