Angelina JolieShe is using her influence to make a difference again with the help of her 17-year old daughter Zahara.

Oscar nominee and humanitarian, the actress brought her eldest daughter, who was a star in the Oscars, to Washington, D.C., for a heartfelt speech urging renewal of the Violence Against Women Act.

“I want to acknowledge the children who are terrified and suffering at this moment and the many people for whom this legislation comes too late,” Jolie said in her emotionally charged speech. The women who suffered under this system, with no or little support, and still have the scars from their abuse. These young adults have not survived the abuse but have grown stronger because of it. There have been many children and women who lost their lives, which could have been prevented.

Later that day, the bipartisan group comprising U.S. Senators made it clear they have reached an agreement to revise and update the historic domestic violence and sexual assault law. It expired in 2019. A Senate vote is pending.