Mila KunisShe wants to share her Ukrainian heritage with her children.
In a conversation with Maria ShriverPlease see the following: The Sunday PaperThe Friends Benefits actress, 38, revealed the conversation she recently had with her and Ashton Kutcher“Son of a woman” Wyatt, 7, and son Dimitri5: Their Ukrainian history as the Russian military invades Eastern European countries.  
“I turned to my kids and I was like, ‘You are half-Ukrainian, half-American!'” In the March 11th clip, she spoke out about her roots and that of the Iowan actor. Like, literally, I was like “Look at you!” They were like “Look! You!” And I was like, “Yeah, mom, it’s okay.” My kids were like “Yeah mom, I get it.” And me? I was like, ‘No! “You’re half Iowa and half Ukraine,” I said. Then they were like: “You are half Iowa, half Ukraine.”
Mila, who came with her family from her native city Chernivtsi to the States when she was age 7, also admitted that she didn’t exactly embrace her Ukrainian upbringing when she was younger and would instead tell people she that was from Russia.