The Sorrentino baby celebrates his birthday eating a lot of pasta.

Jersey Shore‘s MikeThe situationSorrentinoYour wife Lauren Sorrentino celebrated their son Romeo Reign Sorrentino‘s first birthday with endless spaghetti in an adorable photo shoot.  The photos were posted on Instagram. Lauren and Mike shared the photos on Instagram. They showed Romeo putting pasta in his mouth.

The photo shows the little boy, in white chef’s attire and an apron. He is holding a spoon with one hand, while eating the Italian meal. In honor of their Italian roots, the set included Italian flags, tomato sauce, bread, and pasta.

Lauren said alongside the photos, “I love You More Than You Love Pasta.” Happy 1st birthday Romeo Reign. Spaghetti smash to the victory

Romeo received some admiration from the Jersey Shore Please include your family members in the comment section Jenni Farley (“JWoww”)Sending “Happy Birthday Romeo” “Happy Birthday Romeo!” Jersey Shore An Instagram account also celebrated this occasion with the difficult question, “Does Romeo like sauce or gravy?”