What’s there to do when you’re a former defensive end for the New York Giants and have been retired for almost 6 years? There’s always real estate, exploiting new hobbies and interests, and investing. Not for Michael Strahan though, who became a regular sports analyst, a co-host with Kelly Ripa, and made several guest appearances on highly noted talk shows (still continues to make guest appearances). Mike’s no stranger to real estate though. In fact, he attempted to sell his New York City a few years ago for around $1.85 mill. Of course, it didn’t nudge a buyer. Now, he put it back on the market for round 2 at $2.25 mill.

The 1,911 sq ft 2 bed and 2 bath floor plan is like no other. It’s just simply elegant and simple. It can do without that lengthy narrow hallway. Those with claustrophobia need not apply. Maybe it’s not that bad. Nonetheless, you have plenty of room to dedicate the wall towards various framed artworks that should ease the mind as you make way to the living, dining room, and adjacent kitchen. Kitchen contains much navigable space, stainless steel oven, stainless steel microwave, and a large stainless steel refridgerator w/ freezer bin at the bottom. Nearby is an island seating area at the owner(s) and visitor’s convenience.

The living room is placed nicely within the home. You can look through the windows as you sit comfortably and witness the city come to life at night. What’s there not to like about Strahan’s pad?

Address: 25 Murray Street Apt 5C, New York NY 10007