You’ve heard him sing in the boy band New Kids on the Block along with his brother, heard women talk about his bod, and lately work with Seth MacFarlane. You’ll also be seeing him in the upcoming Transformers sequel. We can talk about Mark Wahlberg all day. as well as his 1.73 acre property which he finally managed to sell after various reported attempts. Marky Mark netted about $13 million for the 1985 expanse. He purchased it back in 2001 for roughly $5 million. As much as you wanted more, Mark, you still got far much more than what you paid for. Now hug Ted and be happy!

The renovated 8,932 sq ft home stands firmly with 7 bedrooms and 10.5 bathrooms. The bathrooms are almost the size of one of the bedrooms! Comfort is strongly expressed here, with plenty of living spaces that are equipped with televisions and fireplaces. One of the rooms is actually a full-on kitchen with restaurant-style booth. It also comes furnished with stainless steel dual ovens, large stainless steel cooking vent, and a stainless steel faucet/sink combo. One major feature of the estate is it has an amusement park for adults; personal basketball court, a workout facility the size of a regular gym (has a boxing ring too), and a large grotto-style pool w/ waterfall.

Oh yes, there’s also a personal miniature golf course. Whoever bought Wahlberg’s massive hideaway will surely enjoy themselves. As a plus, it’s not too far from shopping and grocery stores.

Address: 9694 Oak Pass Rd, Beverly Hills CA 90210