Since then, it’s different. Harry Styles landed on the latest cover of Rolling Stone.

The music magazine will be available on Aug. 22 The cover of the U.K. issue’s October/November issue was revealed. It featured Harry in pink sequined boxers, a white fur jacket and holding a birthday cake. Teasing its interview with Harry, the outlet printed as a subhead under the 28-year-old’s name: “How the new King of Pop set the music world flame.”

Given how the title has been commonly associated with Michael JacksonThe nephew of the hitmaker,. Taj Jackson, took issue with it and wasn’t afraid to confront the publication about the matter.

“There is not a new King of Pop,” said he wroteIn response to Rolling Stone UKThis is a tweet by. “You don’t own @RollingStone the title, it was earned by my uncle. Many years of sacrifice and dedication.