Jake’OThe state of Wisconsin was represented by a man who worked at the cheese factory in his family’s past. The song he sang, “Feel Your LOVE,” brought out some youth. ElvisRight down to Jake’O’s locks, vibes. We can hear the young girls—and boys—screaming from here. 

Mississippi has its own Keyone StarrShe has also worked for a mega producer in the past. Mark RonsonKeyone performed “Fire” by her, which was a lively, energetic performance. Keyone is a star for many days, and we were exhausted just by watching her. 

Wyoming’s final performance of the night. Ryan CharlesHis music is described as cowboy western rap by, which seems to be a real thing. He sang “New Boot Goofin” with lyrics that read “I won’t let them change me/ Rap game.” Brad Paisley.” While it won’t work for everyone, those who truly love it will be able to. It is reallyYou will love it.

Rhode Island was the last state to be saved. HuestonWrapped up the first evening of competition. As “if…” Adele, Chris Stapleton and Sons of Anarchy had a baby,” he performed his song “Held On Too Long.” Sitting on a barstool, his emotional ballad about love gone wrong acted as a strong cap to the evening. Snoop Dogg said it almost made him cry!

At last, it was time for the jury to send their favorite performer automatically into the next round. 

The panel voted that the best was indeed saved for last, sending Hueston directly into the April 25 semifinals.

Next week, the remaining three spots from this group will be determined through a combination of juryAnd fan votes.

Find out who will join Hueston—and meet a new batch of competitors—when American Song ContestAirs at 8 PM on March 28, 2008. ET at NBC.