John and Kate flew to 30 Rock in New York City to film the sketch with Meredith—and the pressure was on.

John stated, “We were there, like, at four in the morning.” John said, “It was also our first shot.” It was a significant opportunity, and we were nervous. It was like she knew exactly what to do. She was like, ‘My kids love you guys.’ She was told by her children to go ahead. It was a shock that she got us. She was in this tier of anchors where we were like, ‘She’ll never say yes.'”

It was a good thing for us all that she succeeded.

Later, in the final sketch of the special, John and Kate play the same characters, reunited in their old age. The two are determined to have the waitstaff acknowledge their celebrity status as they dine at a restaurant.

The sketch is actually based upon a real-life experience.

John explained that he and Kate were in New York at the time Kate visited. He was not doing any wrong. John added, “We were only trying to find out if he liked us.” We were dissecting the food every time he left the table.

The real John and Kate forget if their waiter gave them any gifts, but the fiction John and Kate get a banana split for free.