Podcasts are the best friend you can have, no matter if you’re stuck in traffic or heading out on a nature hike.

And it’s clear fans can’t stop listening to the Pop Popcast nominees for the 2021 People’s Choice Awards!

These eight contenders poured insight, curiosity and a sense of humor into their podcast hosting duties, having colorful conversations about life, work, love, and of course, pop culture. 

These nominees answered the tough questions, educated the world and entertained us. You can show these podcast nominees that their hard work was not wasted by sharing their hilarious interviews and their opinions on your favorite TV shows.

Emma Chamberlain: Anything goes (Who won last year? Armchair Expert with Dax Shepherd? Call Her Daddy? Chicks in the Office? Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend?Couple Things with Shawn, Andrew? SmartLessAnd Why wouldn’t you date me? Nicole ByerThey are all competing to win the trophy this season.