Walt Disney World claims that it employs 65,000 employees at Walt Disney World’s Orlando resort. Some of these workers were harshly critical of Disney. Employees wrote on the “Disney Do Better Walkout” website, “The recent statements and lack of action by TWDC [The Walt Disney Company]Leadership regarding the “Don’t Say Gay or Trans” bill has utterly failed at matching the severity of the risk to LGBTQIA+ safety posed by this legislation.

In a later statement, CEO Chapek acknowledged that the company had mishandled its finances. It was clear, however that this issue is not about Florida’s bill. This is an ongoing challenge to fundamental human rights,” stated the statement on Chapek’s company website. “You expected me to be an ally stronger in fighting for equal rights. I didn’t deliver. I am sorry.”

According to NBC News, Chapek said that the company was opposed to the bill since the beginning. He stated, in a shareholder meeting on March 9, “we decided not to take a publicly position on it because [we] thought we could more effectively work behind the scenes and engage directly with legislators on both sides,” according to NBC News.