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CelebHomes – Was it the first time in 10 years that Cragen or Stabler spoke? We can expect a lot from this reunion.

DF:It is possible that they kept in touch with each other, much like Chris Meloni or Dann Florek. We did not call often, but once in a while we would text and we kept in touch. It wasn’t the same as for those 12 years. So, I believe the scene was there, after you’ve been together for that long. It is like a friend. You almost feel like you have picked up exactly where you left off. But the scene— I think it’s a wonderful surprise. Stabler becomes very concerned about a number of issues. He comes to Cragen with questions that are difficult to answer. Perhaps there’s no right answer.

CelebHomes – Do you remember a favourite on-set moment with Mariska and Chris? 

DF:So many that it is difficult to keep track of them all. There are over 400 episodes, and I haven’t stopped counting. That means there may be around 12,000 scenes if you break it down. But with Mariska, I remember an episode called “911”—if I see it on reruns, it still gets me. It’s when she discovers that the girl is in the lot that I get mad.

Chris’s experience with Stabler when his daughter was convicted of DUI and he attempted to correct it, is one I will always remember. When I learned about the situation, I called Stabler. Because it was true, that scene was my favorite of all the others. It was time to confront him. He was not performing his job and he was not being a good father. It was hard work and it was tiring. It was a great experience.