The BridgertonIn season 3, the family will look quite different.

Netflix has recreated Francesca Bridgerton as a character following the departure Ruby Stokes. Actress Hannah DoddStokes has been replaced to star on Netflix’s new show. Lockwood & Co.

Dodd played recently the college version Sienna MillerSophie Whitehouse plays Sophie Whitehouse in Netflix’s Netflix Series Anatomy of a Scandal. She’s also set to make an appearance in Millie Bobby BrownThe future Enola HolmesFilm, as well the miniseries Flowers in an Attic: What are the Origins?

Francesca will now be played by her. Netflix calls Francesca “a little bit of mystery” in the family’s chatty, extrovertilled home.

“Despite her reserved nature she goes along with society affairs,” says the description. She is “fortified by a dry, wit-filled, pragmatic approach that confounds the fickle, but still seem to attract attention when she most needs it.”