Justin TimberlakeHe is happy to support his wife. Jessica Biel.

The singer wanted to be in Hulu’s limited series with his wife, and he did. Candy, he basically did it for free.

Biel—also a producer on the series—told Entertainment Weekly Justin had seen the scripts and was interested in being Detective. Steve Deffibaugh, but she told him the production couldn’t afford him. The conversation was basically “‘We don’t have any money left’,” she said. And he replied, “I would like to take this part. “And he said, “I want to play this part.” And I replied: “Yeah. Okay.’ Okay.’ This is the part I would like to take on. 

Biel reached out to her producing partner. Michelle Purple to ask if the role had already been booked, but Timberlake, who she shares two children with, was one step ahead of her: “She goes, ‘I know. I was already contacted by him about the matter.

Purple, then, reached out and was chosen as the showrunner Robin Veith—Timberlake was also pitching himself. Biel stated that the two started speaking and they began to have a conversation about what this could mean. The idea was exciting to her.