Here are the latest news from season 4. OderiHave been waiting.

CelebHomes News confirmed this on Feb. 17 Lukas GageJoin the Netflix cast Please as a series regular for season four of the drama—which is set in Paris and stars Penn Badgley As Joe Goldberg and before starring Victoria Pedretti, Ambyr Childers, Elizabeth LailAnd James Scully.

Gage will star as Adam, “an ex-pat American, the youngest son of a wealthy East-Coast magnate,” according to Deadline, who was first to break the news.

He is a successful businessman who will go to any length to succeed. “He’s known for his spectacular failure to live up to the high standards set by his venerable, wealthy family. Adam is an entrepreneur, a gambler and a friendly party host. “But underneath Adam is concealing a treasure trove of secrets, and covering up problems with heavy self medication,” continues the description.

Gage is a familiar face to many, and you may feel that you know him. Gage, 26, was previously seen as Tyler on HBO’sEuphoriaDillon and he are both featured in HBO Max’s The White Lotus.