Kylie JennerYou can see double from home

An episode of Ellen DeGeneres ShowThe program, which was taped Feb. 15, and scheduled to air April 5th on NBC. Kris JennerShe revealed that her youngest child, Travis ScottThe newborn son of a woman Wolf WebsterLooksJust like their second child, daughter Stormi Webster, 4.

It was almost like Stormi had been born again when he came out. Kris stated that the baby boy is “exactly like” his older sister.

He has a second doppelganger, too. A source close to Kylie and Travis told CelebHomes News that Wolf “looks a lot like Travis right now.”

Maybe just a tiny bit, umm, angelic. Kris noted that Wolf’s Feb. 2, 20,22, is “the greatest birthday” Ellen DeGeneres. “That’s an amazing number!” It’s also the reason that before Kylie revealed her son’s name on Instagram on Feb. 11, many fans speculated that she gave him a heavenly moniker with Kris and others remarking on her new “angel” baby.