From the bride to the birthday girl

After announcing her engagement to boyfriend Louis Thornton – AllanMeadow WalkerThe model is marking another milestone in her married life. The model turned 23 on Thursday, November 4, just two weeks after Louis and she tied the knot. He took no time to pay tribute to his wife via social media, posting a series on Instagram Story that featured videos and photos in celebration of her special day. He wrote “BIRTHDAY GIRL.” “Heart is so full…4…EVERRRRR.”

As for a gift, it appears Louis purchased his lifetime partner a Star Wars Millennium Falcon LEGO set. 

In July, the couple posted photos on Instagram revealing their love. A few months later, the couple confirmed their marriage with Instagram posts that included photos and footage of their wedding.

“We are married !!!!”,” the bride declared on her Instagram page. The bride announced it on her Instagram. Vin Diesel, who starred with her late father Paul Walker in the Fast & Furiousfranchise, had the honor to walk her down the aisle.