When asked afterward whether she thought the interview was a success, Maude didn’t appear too sure. She said, “I’m not sure if it was such a great job honest.” It could not have been better.  

As if the first clip weren’t enough to solidify Maude’s status as a true 1D fan, her dad sent over an additional clip of her after seeing the group perform in concert. 

This video also includes her mother. Leslie Mann, and sister, Iris PatowMaude is seen on the elevator floor covering her face with her hand as she sobs from the concert. Iris pointedly comments, “What?” You’re fine.” 

Maude shared her experiences with One Direction in 2012, including how they first came to her attention and the experience of speaking with them. 

She wrote that she discovered their music via YouTube first and was not pleased with the fact everyone at school has fallen in love. It was my favorite album when they were their only fan. 

Then she continued “I have never been this nervous in my whole life.” The legs didn’t stop shaking. My voice can get very loud when I’m nervous. It was embarrassing and painful to hear the tape. It has been destroyed by me.”

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