Jamie Lynn explained that Jamie Lynn did the same through her. Zoey 101 co-star Paul ButcherLynne first met Lynne Spears’ family. Sam LutfiBritney’s ex-manager.

She said that “he attempted to lure Momma in some jewelry scheme, and hawking gemstones on HSN.” He was bad news from the first time I saw him. He’s creepy, and makes me itch. I shared this with Momma. I did not want him near our home. “She met him again and rejected his offer.”

After meeting Britney in a nightclub, Sam presented himself to Lynne as a friend. Jamie Lynn claimed that Britney was Sam’s target and that he meticulously destroyed her life. Britney started to lose her previous teammates, and Sam assumed control of my sister’s entire world. He seemed manipulative and pathological to me.”

CelebHomes News was provided a statement by Sam’s lawyer in which he denied Jamie Lynn’s claims.

Jamie Lynn lies. I never met her or Lynne before I met Britney. Britney explained to me that she wants her mother financially independent because she doesn’t get enough help. So, I searched for a company that would make Lynne the face and spokesperson of cool jewelry lines to sell on QVC. It was not a “scheme”—I was not financially involved in any way. It was my intention to assist. Lynne thoroughly enjoyed the whole process, until Lynne decided to end the contract after two months.

Jamie Lynn said that Sam was uncomfortable around her and she tried to convince him to move on multiple occasions. 

“I was extremely suspicious about the situation. She claimed that she sensed drugs being readily available in the home. My sister’s unpredictable behavior and even though I did not see any, it was enough to alert me.

Jamie Lynn observed that Britney appeared “skittish”, around Sam’s “intimidating”, Sam. She said that he was taken from Britney’s life once the “Toxic” singer received the help she required… The conservatorship was put in place and Britney was protected from Sam. A permanent restraining or against Sam was obtained in June 2019.

Jamie Lynn said that Sam is the main reason my sister experienced emotional trauma. 

“The spotlights on my sister were blinding and obscured her ability to recognize the dangers all around her—dangers that still exist,” she added. Britney’s spotlight was sometimes too bright and it makes me feel that I could have done more for Britney.

Netflix 2021 documentary Britney Vs. SpearsSam also denied that he drugged Britney. He claimed, “We’ve had 100 drug tests and tests of blood the whole time we were together, and she passed all of them.” He also stole.