Two stars experienced immediate sadness during the most recent episode of The Mask Singer 

The Fox competition series aired its group A semifinals on Wednesday, Nov. 10, which featured the end of the line for not one but two performers. Guest panelists helped the judges to make sense of it all. will.i.amOf Black Eyed PeasThe fame. 

Tonight, Group A was represented by the Bull belting out “Rain on Me” by Lady GagaAnd Ariana GrandePepper performs “Sign of the Times” with emotion by Harry StylesJester Mixing it Up with “I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow.” Soggy Bottom Boys and Skunk performing “At Last” by Etta James

It was exciting to be judged. Ken JeongPepper convinced me. Sara BareillesHe knew that he was correct, so he spent the “Take It Off” buzzer. Unfortunately, his guess was wrong and the buzzer that could only be used once went to waste. 

Jester was ultimately the one who returned home first, as he was revealed by the authorities to be The Sex PistolsJohnny RottenIt was unexpected, and it happened as none of the judges expected.