This is tonight’s new episode The Bradshaw BunchThis was one of a kind. 

Why? Erin BradshawShe (and her dad) finally received the great news. Terry BradshawYou’ve been waiting all these years: She is pregnant!

Erin and her husband Scott WeissAfter a funny flashback reel that showed how Terry had checked in on their progress, Terry announced the happy news in confessional. Who could forget him asking Scott if he actually knows how babies are made? 

Scott laughed and said, “I believe he believed it was supposed to occur the night before the wedding.” 

And then came the big reveal. “We’re pregnant!” The couple shouted and released confetti amongst a mass of balloons. 

With the help of The Bradshaw BunchStar holding several pregnancy test results and saying to the camera “Not one, two, nor three” FourI believe it is safe to state that I am having a baby!