Waiter, could we please get the check?

Dinner parties are a great way to watch TV. Ask a friend if you doubt our assertions. Real Housewives fan. In the episode of March 16, however, Get Married on the First SightThe viewers will be able to enjoy one hot meal.

Here’s a sneak peak at the episode. OlajuwonHis wife borrows him KatinaHe finds something troubling on his phone. Is he going keep the information to himself? Not exactly…

“If you’re being honest, I saw something on my way to here that disturbed me,” he stated. This makes me think, “Is this marriage even possible?” You can ask me to bring this up if that’s what you desire. Are you ready for me to talk about it? 

Katina asks him to not share because she doesn’t know what he is talking about. She actually tells viewers that they had just been kissing minutes earlier.