Kristen Stewart may not need to look any further for a wedding venue—the Dolby Theatre will do just fine.
The 31-year-old actress, who’s up for an Oscar in the Best Actress category for her role asPrincess Diana Spencer, Jokingly shared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on March 15 that although she of course hopes to nab the coveted trophy, she’s got backup plans to ensure the evening is a win either way.

Kristen laughed and said that her life has been so busy that it was hard to plan for her wedding. Dylan Meyer—her fiancée since November 2021—has taken a back seat. The host was astonished to find out that her fiancee had taken a back seat. Jimmy Kimmel Kristen agreed with Kristen when she suggested that 2022 Oscars could be the ideal setting, since everyone is already there.

She joked that “if I lose,” “I’ll just question.” Olivia Colman“I would love to be married.”

The Lost Daughterstar DoesThis makes perfect sense as she’s also a nominee. Jessica Chastain, Penélope CruzAnd Nicole Kidman. (No information available on Kristen’s dream officiant. Guy Fieri(Vastually, he will also be there.