Wayans are also measured in Will Smith‘s 2022 Oscars slap incident with Chris Rock, sharing that he reached out to both men afterwards to check in.

He stated, “It’s interesting.” “I think part of us is like, ‘Wow,’ because for years, we had no idea Will had that in him.”

Wayans joked about his comedic style and said that he’s an “equal chance offender”

“My brother [Damon Wayans] always taught me, ‘Be an equal opportunity offender,’ which means I make fun of everybody,” he joked. And I find myself the one I have fun with most. I feel like that is because everyone gets it. What is your intent? I want to make people laugh.”

What does he do to know if the joke was successful? He said, “If my jokes make people laugh loudest, it’s a great joke!”

You can watch the entire interview by clicking the link above.

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