France and Britain are only separated by 28 miles. However, it is possible to ask. Jack DavenportHe’d argue that the nations are different.

He was so proud that he Lydia Leonard were cast in 10 Percent, Sundance and AMC+’s remake of the French series Get in touch with me!It was not difficult to give their take on the show. As Davenport told CelebHomes News, the Brits are “a strange, emotionally-constipated island of people and a lot of what we don’t say is the important part or we mean the opposite of what we say, which is not really the French way of doing things.”

The differences are painfully apparent when viewers meet Nightingale Hart’s agents, an agency that represents talent in London. This group includes a number of well-known English actors such as the great actor, John Travolta. Helena Bonham Carter, Phoebe Dynevor and Dominic West. But they face a major setback when founder Richard Nightingale (Jim Broadbent) suddenly dies, leaving his son, Jonathan (Davenport),And the rest of the agents to pick up the pieces. 

While the French version of the show sees the characters move on from their founder’s death as if there’s nothing else they can do, Richard’s passing truly shakes up the Nightingale Hart staff, especially Jonathan, who feels that he’s his father’s rightful replacement. 10 percentAuthor John Morton felt compelled to add this familial element, explaining to CelebHomes News in a separate interview, “I wanted to find a way of really making the loss of the founder of the of the company matter.”