Mark Wahlberg Has A New Look Thanks to His 11-Year-Old Daughter

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Mark WahlbergThis fatherhood thing is being done well!

The TransformersThe star proved that he will do whatever it takes to help his little girl. The actor, 50, posted a video to his Instagram showing off his new look. As he held up his long, black nails to the camera, actor said “I thought Halloween had ended.” “She got my back again.”

Mark’s 11 year-old daughter is proud of her work. GraceHer father was a proud photographer and she smiled as she leaned into the camera. Although we know the nails won’t stay, it’s still cute to see Mark willing to do whatever it takes for his little girl. Even if it means taking some time off from his very busy schedule. 

Grace was not only Mark’s, but Grace was also Mark’s wife. Rhea DurhamShare children Ella, 18, Michael and 13, respectively Brendan. Little Grace often appears on his father’s social media.