“At our last table read—I’m gonna blame it on Miles—Miles started crying a little bit and it started to get the waterworks going for me and I couldn’t stop,” he shared. After being on a TV show for so long it feels like you are part of the family. It is like we have grown and become a team. We’re all so excited to move to new things and continue to grow—[I’ve] been able to start a production company—but saying goodbye is always hard.”

Brown made Scribner cry as he explained that the “legendary”, however, was not his. Jennifer LewisHe plays the role of his grandmother and he laughs on sets all the time. This taught him an important life lesson.

Jennifer has given me the most valuable advice that I have ever received, and it’s something I just learned from watching. He stated that he believes having fun is his best tip. She’s always there bringing joy and having fun, which is a great thing for me as I can get overwhelmed by thinking. Jennifer is a great example of how you can get out your head and simply live in the moment.

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