Mandy Moore Ready for another chapter The Princess Diaries.

A recent appearance at Drew Barrymore Show, the actress-singer, who played school bully Lana Thomas to Anne Hathaway‘s Mia Thermopolis in the 2001 movie, said she “would be game” to reprise her role. While she did miss out on appearing in the 2004 sequel The Princess Diaries 2, Royal Engagement, the 38-year-old shared a few ideas on how her “mean” character could be incorporated into the story despite being Mia’s nemesis in the first flick.

Mandy pitched “She’s done 180”, Mandy told host Drew Barrymore. She’s made a great turnaround in her life and Mia and Mia have become good friends.

However, the This Is UsStar noted that she has only heard “rumours” of a third movie and it is not clear if there is one.

“I have no idea,” said Mandy, who described the first movie as “a pivotal, seminal moment” in her life. It is something I have never heard of.