Los Angeles Police arrested an individual in connection with “emergency situations” that involved a Los Angeles man. Elizabeth Lyn Vargas.

The Real Housewives of Orange CountyPolice rescued the former student on Tuesday February 1, after she was “held captive in California for a number hours,” according to her manager. David Weintraub. Vargas is now “doing fine,” Weintraub told local news outlet KABC-TV, but “has been extremely traumatized by the events.”

CelebHomes News obtained a press release from Newport Beach Police Department stating that officers intervened in a call to Balboa Pier home for a welfare inspection. Upon arrival, police “observed an emergency situation that warranted the immediate evacuation of the victim from the residence,” authorities said, without confirming the victim’s identity.

The release stated that police encountered an unarmed suspect inside the house. He was actively trying to endanger the victim’s life. The suspect was taken into custody by officers immediately.