Opposites attract.

The premiere of tonight’s episode will be held at Paris, the City of Love on CelebHomes, soon-to-be husbandAnd wife Carter Reum and Paris HiltonYou can be charmingly honest and share your peeves on a romantic bicycle ride to the beach.

“What is one thing you would change about yourself?” Paris questions in the clip above.

Carter hesitates for a moment before finally admitting, “Well there’s one. Carter admits that he is a bit less organized than he would prefer. It’s all your imagination.

Stars Are Blind’s singer sings, “Life could get worse.”

“It could be way worse,” her fiancé agrees. I always say to people that if it weren’t messy and if there wasn’t one little thing wrong with you, then I would not believe you.

Paris echos Paris’ sentiment “I feel exactly the same.” Sometimes, I feel scared you are too great to be true.

Carter then asks: “So, if you could change just one thing about myself, what would it? He asks.