Mama June isn’t the only one to defend her daughter’s sexuality. In November last year, she said: Daily Pop that Dralin was “respectful” and a “good guy.”

Mama June stated that they had been married for almost one year and had talked briefly before. He is kind. He takes care of her. He is a good helper, as you can see, for the whole family, whenever it’s needed. “I don’t have any problems with him.”

Alana shared a September photo of Dralin with her on Instagram. It featured them at a pumpkin field with the caption, “Spooky Season.” The photo has since been deleted.

Sources said that Alana and Dralin are “attached at the hip” and spend a lot of time together. The Sun at the time. He was initially quiet, but now he is like a member of our family. He is just as crazy and fun as all the others.” 

They’re going strong. On April 16, Alana posted a sweet photo set of the pair on Instagram wearing matching t-shirts while holding hands at the park together.  

Her words were, “Park dates are the best.”