Jackson’s eighth studio album, Damita JAlthough the album still sold 3,000,000 copies, it was not considered to be a success in non-streaming days. NotHe could only speak for the company-wide design but couldn’t speak on behalf of local stations. Her ninth album was her last. 20 Y.O. (also certified platinum, with 1.5 million copies sold) came out in 2005 and her contract was fulfilled, she departed longtime label Virgin Records for Island Records.

During this time, Congress held hearings and the FCC was conducting an investigation. “You You already knewYou were doing what? Rep. Heather Wilson of New Mexico accused then-Viacom President Mel Karmazin. You knew exactly what entertainment you were selling. You wanted everyone to be abuzz in the room, and at school’s playground, because that improves ratings and market share, and also lines your pockets.

Karmazin, who stepped down in May 2004 and went on to be CEO of Sirius Satellite Radio, repeated that no one at CBS, Viacom, MTV or the NFL had known what was going to transpire at the Super Bowl.

Just like in SheIt was not our fault. 

Rep. Bobby RushDuring the hearings, a Democrat in Illinois can be seen asking, “Where’s Justin Timberlake?” All this. Rep. Barbara Cubin, Republican from Wyoming, concurred, “Justin Timberlake deserves more than just a slap on the hand. Two are needed to Tango and Janet Jackson would be the one to blame.

Timberlake, who sounds even more contrite than usual, said in another media interview: “If you think it 50-50. I mean, I probably got 10 per cent of the blame and that tells something about society.”