Malala YousafzaiYou have a lot to celebrate.

On Tuesday, Nov 9, the girls’ education advocate and Nobel Peace Prize winner confirmed that she had married her partner, Asser Malik.

On Instagram, she posted that “Today marks an important day in my life”. Asser, my husband and I got married to make our love last forever. Our families attended a small ceremony to celebrate nikkah at their Birmingham home. Send us your prayers. For the future, we are thrilled to share this journey with you.

Asser also confirmed the news by posting photos from their wedding shoot with a heart emoji. A nikkah (Islamic marriage contract) is also known as a nikkah. 

Malala, in an interview with British Television back in July, shared her thoughts on the topic of marriage. Vogue. She said that she still doesn’t get why marriage is necessary. She said, “If you are looking for a partner, you shouldn’t have to get married. Why can’t you just have a partnership?”