HBO Executive Producer Adam McKayIn Hollywood, the Lakers were given the Hollywood treatment. A winning teamIt’s not perfect, according to one legend player.

Legendary basketball player Magic Johnson The actor made it known that he does not like the series. It is about Showtime’s historic era. Based on Jeff Pearlman’s 2014 novel, Showtime: Magic (Kareem), Riley and the Los Angeles Lakers.

“First, the Lakers are the only thing that can be used to tell a story about them,” he said. Variety Interview with the Lakers on April 5. “The true Lakers. The guys are the best.

Magic noted that Magic cast talented actors. Quincy Isaiah, John C. Reilly and Adrien Brody, as himself the coaches, but stated, “I don’t care who you get.”

Star said that it was not just about players, but cheerleaders and all those who helped to make the game a success. He also gave a shout out to Lakers cheerleaders Paula Abdul. He remembered, “All the latest music and all the new dances.” It’s impossible to duplicate it. We entertain you. We show you moves you have never seen at a nightclub.