Here isn’t anything scandalous.

The Dec. 7th episode of RiverdaleThe brand has been rebranded to RivervaleSpecial event with five episodes Madelaine Petsch Lili ReinhartThey shared a kiss during their time playing 1950s Archieverse residents. While Petsch was portraying Poppy Blossom, an ancestor of her character, Cheryl Blossom, she clarified to CelebHomes News that Reinhart’s new character in the flashback scene, named Bitsy, wasn’t related to Betty Cooper at all.

Exclusively, she shared that “I certainly want to correct the record.” “In this lineage we aren’t cousins…Fans seem very worried that two cousins would be kissing. But it isn’t that. It is not so. She portrays a Smith, a completely different character.

All those in need of a RiverdaleRecall that Betty and Cheryl actually are related as their great-grandfathers were siblings. Where does Poppy Blossom fit in the family tree, then? According to Petsch, “That was way before that ever happened.”

The fans were wrong to think it was just a scene between cousins. RiverdaleIn previous episodes, he has danced the incest line. Our reference is to Polly Cooper (and Jason Blossom), who were actually unknowingly third cousins before they became friends.