Do you bleach his hair? Do you want to mess it up? Yes, it’s possible.

He surveyed his Twitter friends to decide what colour to dye his hair. Kelly Machine Gun debuted a fresh fuchsia look while grabbing lunch with Megan Fox at Nobu in Malibu on June 5.

Though his goal was originally to keep the winning shade—pink or blonde—a secret. Well, maybe. With a shower cap covering his locks, he took to TikTok to explain the situation: “I guess you’ll just have to show up to see which one I end up doing, or you could just go online and f–king look at tagged photos and cheat and not come but that’s wack.”

He couldn’t wait for the end results to be revealed. Before revealing his hair, he said that he couldn’t keep it a secret. “I went blonde.”

The change might not surprise his fans, however. MGK has changed the color of his hair a few times throughout the years. While he was most recently seen with light pink locks, he’s also sported platinum blonde and light blue hues. He is also a master of his own style, sporting everything from bangs to mohawks.