The ring that the rapper gave to his wife-to-be was just as special and featured both their birthstones.

“It is true that tradition can be a ring. But I made it. Stephen WebsterHe explained his feelings on Instagram. He explained on Instagram that the emerald (her birthday stone) and my diamond (my birthday stone) are both set upon two magnetic bands made of thorns. These magnet bands form two halves of one soul, forming our obscure love. 

Megan and MGK are not only creating jewelry. As it turns out, a verse on his track “emo girl” was inspired by one of fiancée’s most iconic acting performances.

“People don’t know that I wrote my poem about Jennifer Check here Jennifer’s bodyHe told the late-night host. People didn’t notice that it was a bit too much. Listen to this verse and you will see that it is in line with the movie.