Kelly Machine Gun wants the world to meet a special person in his life—his mom.

The 2nd of June will see the Mainstream sellout rapper, 32, shared a picture of himself and his mom on Instagram, captioned, “introducing … my mom.” In this snap, MGK raised his middle fingers while sitting down next to his mother. He then raised the peace sign.

Many of the fans were excited for MGK and shared their feelings in the comments section. One fan wrote, “Omg. You are so happy for her. “If you’re happy, I’m happy.”

MGK previously spoke out about childhood traumas and the relationship he had with his mother, whom he claimed left him and his dad when he was just nine years old. 

In the song, Burning Memories, he even mentions his mom. He opens by rapping: “Yeah! This one’s for mama that I never knew (Never did)/I took acid to destroy all my memories about you.”